If you’ve landed on this site,  chances are it’s because I’ve sent you a direct link. If you found me on the Googles, welcome! This site is to not only showcase the articles that I’ve written and had published, but the sites that I’ve managed, designed, or added content to.

Or all three.

Below is a list of categories that you can select to see which type of articles that you would like to review, as well as a list of what I have going on (always subject to change).

In any event, here’s my work, I hope that you enjoy it!


AT&T: This is the latest site that I’m working on now. It’s more of a project-based environment, mostly working on the Support and Contact Us landing pages, as well as sub-landing and product pages.

La Quinta Inn and Suites: One of the last projects that I worked on was building out over 300 microsites (over 860+ in all, and I’m sure that they’ve built out even more). While I’m not going to link to every single one of them, if you click on the link at the beginning, this will give you a good idea of what they were all like.

TimeKeeperForum: This was the project before La Quinta…I built the community up, mostly through Facebook and within the forum itself. Speaking of, the forum itself has recently gone through a major redesign.

Daily Tech Bargains: I just picked up this domain again, after letting it go sometime ago to concentrate on other things…but the urge to have my own Amazon site was too great to resist, so I caved and set it up. I manage this in the same capacity as I do TDWU and C3OTY. Currently, it’s set up as part tube site, part Amazon review product site, and I’ll be rolling out more stuff (besides computers) as time goes on.


Examiner: Freelance automotive journalist, mainly covering auto news and recalls. The vast majority of my writing is published here.

TDWU: I currently manage this site, which the content generation is on autopilot. I mainly make sure that it’s still up and running, and change out the ads every once in awhile. It’s a Toyota/Subaru/Mitsubishi enthusiast site.

Contently: This site houses the articles that I wrote for CarFanatics Blog, an automotive news and review site.


These articles are from whenever I worked at Think Fixed, which is a Mac IT support company (go here if the site is down). They also provide POS services for retail stores that use Mac computers. You can read those here.

Health and Fitness

I wrote these articles for a now-defunct site about…you guessed it, health and fitness. You can find those articles here.


As a freelancer, I have worked on, consulted for, and/or written for several hundred sites. Listed below are a few of those sites (in varying stages of production):

MITA: I’m currently a part of the Drupal consulting team as the Web Analytics Manager. I am currently consulting on the design/content implementation, and will track the metrics of the site once the redesign is completed.

Dod Clapp and Associates: This is a site that I’m building from the ground up, adding content as I go along. They specialise in residential appraisals (mostly referrals from mortgage companies).

Baker Law Firm: This law firm covers the northern part of Dallas (Plano, McKinney, Allen, etc), as well as Hawaii, specialising in bankruptcy, patent, and copyright law.

Vertical3: I am loosely associated with this company, having worked on this particular project known as “Notification Ninja“. I worked on the copy, advised on the graphics, and beta-tested the actual product. Also, you may have seen it in action by now…


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