Adobe AEM Web Content Management Consultant

My experience as a digital marketer and webmaster has led me to work on a number of enterprise-level projects using Adobe AEM (formerly Adobe CQ5). I’ve primarily overseen a number of migration and implementation projects, as well as provided some project management and lead/consulting for their internal clients.

More specifically, I am/I have:

  • Experienced with creating strategies, leading team and design solutions for enterprise content management using Adobe CQ5 and AEM (6.0). Also worked with every version from 5.0 to 6.3.
  • Experienced in release management in delivering enterprise applications through multiple release cycles.
  • Experienced web consultant in providing technical services to large organizations and building successful businesses with superior service quality.
  • Adhered to the best practices and standards by collaborating with multiple teams.
  • Consulted and supported on the design and function of CQ/AEM components.
  • Integrated into Scrum teams and work with multiple teams to follow Agile practices.
  • Participated in daily standups and identify the roadblocks and get the burn down charts updated.
  • Very energetic, detail oriented, organized team player with strong analytic abilities, communication skills, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills.

In addition to working with Adobe AEM, I also have done an extensive amount of freelance work for other sites, in addition to my own personal sites. I have written, designed, consulted, promoted via social media, and managed numerous e-commerce, blogs, landing sales pages, news sites, and online communities/forums. In regards to my freelance experience, I primarily work with WordPress, although I am also proficient in Drupal, Xenforo, and vBulletin. My HTML/CSS experience is incorporated into this as well, as I am able to read and edit code.

I have highlighted what I’ve worked on thus far below…be sure to check back regularly (I recommend bookmarking this page) to see the updates.


Adobe AEM 

T-Mobile: My main focus was on the Prepaid site, which incorporated Angular 4.0 with AEM 6.3. It worked using “screens” (built in Angular) with AEM as a database to serve up the content when an action was performed from the end user. I served as the Product Owner, Business Analyst, and Author, coordinating with the Developers, Web Producers, and various other departments to insure that the content deployments and product launches were successful.

GM Financial: Most of my time spent here was helping to organize the AEM team and work on procuring a vendor to assist us with the back end (data management, server set up, etc). In addition, I also worked on the End of Lease section, which was the first project in the Adobe AEM migration process.

6D Global: My next position was working with an agency that specialises in Adobe AEM. During my time there, I consulted and authored on a few projects, mostly working on internal sites and training pages.

Nike: This position is a slight departure from my previous projects, as well as my first project as a Business Analyst. My main focus is building an internal website called the VO2 Playbook in Drupal, which is a training guide for VO2 (AEM 6.1 in Nike-speak) Authors, Developers, Stakeholders, etc. The Playbook works in conjunction with consulting for all parties mentioned.

In addition, I also performed all of the normal Business Analyst duties, such as wrote user stories for developers to develop new components (using JIRA) for ongoing projects for the Brand side of Nike (known as “experiences”), as well as led the backlog grooming sessions, and provided consultation for the developer and QA teams on best practices from an Author/UX position.

Separately, the two main projects that I worked on while I was there are the Nike City Pages and City Maps. The first link will link directly to the NYC page, which was the launch city for the project. The second link is through The Program, an agency that provided all of the images/wireframes for the project.

I also authored an experience in AEM 6.1, which was also the first project that I worked on. SB Chronicles V.3 is a continuation of the SB brand highlighting some of the more prolific skateboarders from around the world, as well as showcasing the latest in the SB apparel and shoe collection.

MGM Resorts International: This content implementation/migration project was similar in scope to the LQ project, but we were only working with MGM’s 12 Las Vegas properties. What differentiates this from LQ is that I worked alongside the marketing people from the individual properties in creating the sites and pages, as well as consulting with them on the design and layout within the limitations of Adobe AEM. This particular project was also the first time that I had used AEM (version 6.0).

I was able to build out the pages and implement the content for the following properties:

The Mirage


Delano (and Mandalay Bay as well)

ARIA Sky Suites (an offshoot of ARIA…it was separated to differentiate it from the main property)


AT&T: The main project that I worked on was updating the eSupport and Contact Us landing pages in Adobe CQ5 version 5.6, as well as sub-landing and product pages. I also redid some of their internal Wiki training pages, and consulted/provided QA and UAT assistance for the Device Unlock page.

La Quinta Inn and Suites: This is the first project that I worked on in Adobe CQ5 (version 5.0). The scope of the content implementation/migration project was building out approximately 339 microsites (our team did over 860+ in all, and I’m sure that they’ve built out even more since we left). We used their standard template to upload photos, banner ads, and maps. Although most of the written content was initially provided to us, towards the end of the project, I had authored the content for the last 30 microsites’ home pages that I had worked on.


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