2006-2008 Toyota RAV4 Safety Investigation Launched by NHTSA

According to an recent Autoblog article, the NHTSA has launched a formal safety investigation into the 2006-2008 Toyota RAV4 crossover. For a bit of history, the RAV4 was the original compact crossover, or “cute-ute”.

This investigation was launched due to reviews concerning rear tie-rods being susceptible to rust, which could ultimately lead to failure. What is a tie-rod, anyways?

Basically, a tie-rod is an integral part of the steering system, that is used as a tie to carrying tensile loads. Having this fail could result in the loss of control in a vehicle, which could lead to a crash. Not a good thing to be worrying about, especially if you’re travelling at a high rate of speed.

Since the safety investigation was launched, there isn’t a time frame as to whether or not a formal recall will be issued. Of course, Toyota claims to fully cooperate with the NHTSA, but we will see if they will be true to their word. History has a tendency to repeat itself…

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