A Few Screws Loose: Mazda recalls 6 sedan

2012 Mazda6

Mazda is recalling their midsized 6 sedan for a door latch issue, which could ultimately cause the doors to either inadvertently open, or fail to close. In all, 161,400 of the vehicles that were produced for the 2009-2013 model years will be affected. The vehicles were produced at the Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan, a joint venture with Dearborn-based Ford. Both automakers elected to end the joint venture in 2012.

The issue is with the screws in the door latches, which may come loose. If all three of the screws were to loosen up over time, the result could be that the door latch mechanism may not engage, thus triggering the door ajar warning light. Moreover, the door may open inadvertently while the vehicle is in motion, which could increase the risk of the vehicle and its occupants to engage in an accident, or injury.

After the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into the 2009 Mazda6 after receiving four reports of the doors having issues, they did not state whether or not there were any further reports of any accidents or injuries as a result of the defect.

The latest Mazda recall will have authorized technicians removing the door latch mounting screws in all doors, then apply a thread locking adhesive. They will then install the new screws, and tighten them to the specified tightness. If there are any vehicles that are missing the door latch mounting screws, then the dealer will replace them with new screws that will also have the same thread locking adhesive, all at no charge to the registered owner. Although the recall is expected to start on October 18, 2013, owners can contact their local Mazda dealer for more information, or to schedule a service appointment.


Source: The Detroit News

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