Automotive Industry Veteran and Enthusiast

Before I delved into digital marketing full-time, I was in the automotive industry off and on for many years. Starting out as a detail porter, I worked my way up to various positions within the dealership structure, then branching out into different niches within the industry.


Detail Porter: This was my first position in the auto industry many years ago, I started out with a Chrysler/Jeep/Plymouth/Nissan group of dealerships (The ChryCo dealership is now defunct). I spent time primarily detailing new cars for delivery, as well as maintaining the appearance of the existing inventory on the lot:


Service Porter: My next gig was as a Service Porter for a Ford dealership. My primary role was retrieving the customer’s cars when they were ready to pick them up. In addition, I also assisted the service writers and technicians with whatever task(s) that they requested my assistance with. I picked up a wealth of knowledge from both groups of people.


Internet Sales Manager: After taking some time off from working at a dealership, I found myself at a (now defunct) Lincoln Mercury dealership. It was my first car sales position, so it was very much a “baptism by fire” method of learning. After a few months on the floor, I was selected to head up the newly formed Internet Sales department. Once we were able to figure out the processes, we brought on additional ISM reps for myself to manage.


Telematics – I left the dealership aspect of the industry to go work for (at the time it was called) ATX Group, which provided telematics for automakers such as BMW and Mercedes. I was assigned to the BMW Assist group, which also included Rolls Royce (Mini did not provide telematics). My role as a BMW Assist Response Specialist was twofold: one, to respond to emergency calls and other requests from BMW and Rolls Royce owners, and two, to set up new accounts by walking the owners through the process and advising on what BMW Assist provides. In addition, I was able to use my skillset to get a credit card added to the account so that the subscription service would renew. In addition to the call center metrics, this was a key part of determining the overall performance of our role. I was consistently the top performer for months, having acquired the most number of credit card updates.


Business Development Center (BDC) – after a few years away from the auto industry, I went back to working at a dealership in a BDC role. I was able to apply everything that I’ve learned over the years into consistently being able to set up appointments for salespeople, as well as getting them into the showroom. In addition, I would also work with the sales department in whatever tasks were necessary to close the deal.


Beyond working for dealerships and other companies, I was able to parlay my extensive experience and knowledge (third-generation auto industry veteran) into writing and overseeing the following sites, which you can read about here.