Bankrupt Coda recalls Electric Sedan

2012 Coda Electric Sedan

Coda, the startup electric car maker currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, has announced a recall on their 2012 Electric Sedan. Although 117 vehicles may not seem like a large number, since Coda did not sell many of them in the first place (hence the bankruptcy proceedings), it’s proportionate to a large scale recall from companies like Chrysler and Toyota.

The Coda Electric Sedan was a Chinese-built electric vehicle that was short on frills and somewhat competitive with the likes of the Nissan Leaf. Not providing any compelling reason for would-be alternative fuel customers to consider it over its competitors, along with the lackluster styling and exorbitant price (MSRP was $38,145), may have contributed to its premature demise. Likewise, similar EV companies such as Fisker are also facing steep financial issues as well.

The reason why the electric cars are being recalled has to do with the side airbags not being properly rolled, before they’re fitted into the vehicle. Improperly rolled airbags may decrease the likelihood of them deploying in an accident, thus increasing the risk of injury to the vehicle’s occupants.

The latest Coda recall will start notifying registered owners today, to take their vehicles back to the dealerships, so that they can inspect and replace the airbags at no charge. Coda is also advising owners to contact their local Coda dealer to schedule a service appointment.



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