BMW recalls 3 series for airbag issues

2002 BMW 325i Sedan

In an update from the massive multi-automaker recall from a few weeks ago, BMW has formally announced which vehicles are coming back to the dealership.

Officially, the 2002-2003 3 Series is being recalled…in all, over 42,000 vehicles will be affected. This only adds to the total number of vehicles that were recalled, eclipsing 3.4 million as of this writing.

In case you’re just now hearing about this, or have forgotten what the original recall was for, millions of vehicles are going back to their respective dealerships for defective airbag propellants that may not properly inflate the front passenger airbags, in the event of a side collision. Conversely, other instances have been known for the propellant to build up an unsafe amount of pressure, causing them to explode. Also, the defective propellant could launch shrapnel into the cabin of the vehicle, increasing the risk of injury or death to all of the occupants inside.

The defect can be traced back to the supplier Takata, which manufactured the part in Washington State, as well as in Mexico. This is similar to another airbag component defect, which was found in the driver’s side airbags. Unfortunately, that defect caused several fatalities.

Fortunately for BMW, and according to their spokesperson Julian Arguelles, “We have not had a single case of a reported failure in our cars, but it is the same problem, yes.”

The latest BMW recall will have the Bavarian automaker to begin sending out letters to registered owners via first-class mail, with the repairs scheduled to begin soon. If you would like to contact your local BMW dealership for any questions, you can do so by looking them up here, in case you were not the registered owner of the vehicle.


Source: Los Angeles Times


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