Cadillac recalls SRX crossovers for possible wheels coming off

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Yes, you read that right…GM’s storied Cadillac division has issued a recall to have the registered owners bring back their 2013 SRX crossover vehicles back to the dealerships for bad wheels. In all, nearly 20,000 vehicles are affected, with the lion’s share being sold and registered in the United States (18,871to be exact, with the rest being exported to Canada). This information was provided from GM, to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The purported bad wheels can be traced back to the wheel lug nuts being coated with a blue-tint Teflon topcoat could loosen over time, increasing the risk of the wheel coming off, while the vehicle is in motion. This, of course, could increase the risk of the occupants in the vehicle being involved in an accident. Although there has not been any reported accidents or injuries as of this writing, the General has gone on record to state that they did received six reports from owners complaining about noise and other issues caused by loose lug nuts. They did not state what those other issues were specifically, but they did state that owners could experience creaking, rattling or grinding noises, which could come from either the wheels, or vibrations emanating from the steering wheel.

In any event, the latest Cadillac recall will have the vehicles’ lug nuts inspected, re-torqued, and if necessary, replaced, all at no expense to the registered owners. In addition, the dealerships will also rotate the tires at no charge as well. The authorized dealerships were notified last week, and the owners should expect a letter in the mail, arriving after June 3, 2013.If you feel that your vehicle may be affected, you may contact your local Cadillac dealership.

This is the third Cadillac recall in recent months, as well as the second SRX recall (the first one was for transmission software issues).


News Source: The Detroit News

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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