Chrysler, Ram, and Jeep recalls, oh my!

2013 Dodge Mopar Dart

The Auburn Hills, Michigan (by way of Italy) is pulling out all of the stops with their massive Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep recall. In total, over 200,000 vehicles will be going back to the dealership (Chrysler consolidated all of their brands a few years ago at the dealership level).

Here’s how the recalls break down:

2011-2012 Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger and Charger: this is the biggest recall, with around 120,000 vehicles being affected. The airbags could have been installed incorrectly, with the wrong-sized crimps being used to build the airbag wiring harness. This could cause the airbag light to illuminate inaccurately.

2007-2008 Dodge Nitro and Jeep Liberty: In this recall, there are 61,409 vehicles involved. There’s a part within the vehicle that can break off and fall into the drive shaft, causing it to break. If this were to happen, it’s possible that the vehicle could lose power altogether, and the side airbags could deploy. The drive shaft breaking could also trigger the airbag module into thinking that the vehicle was involved in a crash (hence the side airbags deploying). Fortunately, no crashes or injuries have been reported as of this writing.

2013 Dodge Dart: This third Dodge recall is the smallest one, but the final number hasn’t been determined as of yet. On one production day last November, around 50 Darts were assembled with the wrong brake calipers, which could prevent the braking system to function properly. This could increase the risk of the vehicle and its occupants being involved in an accident. Although the issue was discovered at the factory, it wasn’t caught in time before the Darts were shipped to the dealerships.

2012 Jeep Patriot and Compass: The second Jeep recall totals 20,532 of the small crossovers for a fuel tank issue. The nylon tubes that route the fuel within the fuel tank were improperly formed, thus causing the vehicle to stall unexpectedly. According to Chrysler, one accident has been reported due to this issue, although there were no injuries.

2013 Ram pickup: The lone Ram recall involving around 6,500 pickups concerns the parking brake…a cable in the system was not set properly. As a result, the parking brake is not able to hold the pickup at an 20% grade, which is in accordance with federal safety regulations. This defect was actually discovered during an accounting audit at the truck factory. As with the Jeep recall above, there were no accidents and/or injuries reported.

Look for a recall notice to follow shortly, directly the owners affected back to their local dealership for the appropriate repairs or replacement at no cost to them. If you feel like your vehicle is involved, you can always provide the dealership with your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).


Source: Los Angeles Times


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