Chrysler recalls Dodge Dart for Powertrain Control Modules

2013 Dodge Mopar Dart

Chrysler has announced a recall for their Dodge division’s 2013 Dart compact sedan, another one in a string of recalls over the past couple of months. More specifically, they will be recalling over 14,800 of the Fiat-based (Fiat is the majority shareholder of Chrysler) vehicle.

The reason for the latest Chrysler recall has to do with the powertrain control modules (PCM). After extensive internal testing, it was discovered that some of the vehicles stalled almost immediately after startup, sometimes after the vehicle began to move. Chrysler then conducted more specific tests, this time placing the vehicle in park in an 20-degree chamber for eight hours. After they attempted to start the vehicle again, it stalled. Furthermore, other dealers have reported similar occurrences. Sudden loss of power to a vehicle can increase the risk of the vehicle and its occupants being involved in an accident.

As of this writing, there were no reports of any accidents or injuries.

The latest Chrysler recall will have registered owners bringing their vehicles back to the dealership for testing and recalibrating the PCM, all at no charge. If necessary, the technicians will replace the PCM. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a service appointment, please contact your local Chrysler (most of their dealerships also service Dodge as well) dealership.





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