Chrysler recalls several minivans for numerous issues

2013 Dodge Grand Caravan

Part of the massive Chrysler recall announced last week included two for their best-selling minivans, the Chrysler Town and County, Dodge Grand Caravan, and the RAM C/V Tradesman (a Grand Caravan converted for cargo duty). In all, over 282,000 2013 models worldwide are affected, the vast majority of them being in the United States.

The first issue is a software error in the vehicle’s airbag system. Due to the fact that the incorrect sensors are detecting a collision, the opposite-side airbags deploy, thus increasing the risk of injury to the front occupants. This defect has led to three crashes and one injury.

The second issue has been limited to only 224 minivans, most of them still on dealers’ lots. Although the issue is similar to the first one, this is due to a programming error, presumably done at the manufacturing level. Unlike the first issue, this has not led to any reported accidents or injuries.

The latest Chrysler recall will have the factory authorized technicians reprogram and replaced the air bag modules, respectively. Affected registered owners can contact their local dealership for more information, as well as to schedule a service appointment.


Source: The Detroit News

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