Complete List of Toyota Tacoma Recalls 2002-2011

I have a vested interest in compiling this list, as my own father-in-law drives an 2009 Toyota Tacoma, or the “Taco”, as it is affectionately known (subject to a few recalls, which I will inform him of shortly).

Anyways, just like the Toyota Camry recall list, here is an extensive list of all of the recalls for the Tacoma, dating back to 2002. If you see your particular model year, don’t hesitate to contact your local Toyota dealer, preferably the one that you purchased your vehicle from…they tend to give priority to service vehicles to those that purchase the vehicle from them. There was a recall on the 2004 Tacoma that affected the seatbelts…more specifically, they had the incorrect markings on the driver’s side. The vehicles were recalled before they were ever sold to customers. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check and see if it’s correct. Of course, you can contact the dealership.


Without further ado, here’s the list:

2002-2004 Tacoma: In the event of a side impact crash, the body flange could potentially deform and interfere with the fuel inlet hose that connects the fuel filler pipe and fuel tank, resulting in possible damage to the fuel inlet hose. Dealers will install a fuel hose protector on the body flange. This mainly affects double cab models, but double check with the local dealer to see if your vehicle is affected.

2002-2004 Tacoma: Due to a manufacturing defect on the front suspension lower ball joint, the surface of the ball joint could get scratched easily, leading to excessive wear and tear over time. This could result in it separating from the knuckle, causing an increased amount of steering effort and/or control, or a complete loss of all together. Dealers will replace the front suspension lower ball joints free of charge.

2002-2004 Tacoma: certain Pro-A Motors and AJ Motorsport replacement headlights did not come with the amber side reflectors. This could lead to decreased visibility of the vehicle, possibly resulting in a crash. Pro-A Motors and AJ Motorsport will notify the owners of the defective lamps, and will offer a replacement. Please contact Pro-A Motors AT 323-838-2988, or AJ Motorsport at 626-618-2026.

2005 Tacoma: On certain trucks, especially those equipped with an automatic transmission, the parking brake pedal cable lock nut may have not been tightened to the proper torque specification. Over time, the nut could become loosen and eventually fall off, affecting the effectiveness of the parking brake. This could also lead the vehicle to roll out of a stationary position, especially if it were to be parked on a slope (re: on a hill or mountain). Dealers will inspect and tighten the cable lock nut to the proper torque specification.

2005 Tacoma: For those vehicles that were equipped with a bench seat, the seat position and the seat belt buckle sensor connector pins were incorrectly positioned, due to a wire harness manufacturing process error. This could lead to the seat belt not properly functioning in the event of a crash, in accordance with the air bags deploying. Dealers will inspect the affected parts, and if necessary, will install a sub-harness to remedy the situation.

2005-2009 Tacoma: A faulty airbag inflator (did not contain the proper amount of heating agents) could fail to trigger bag deployment in impact, potentially resulting in additional injury in case of impact. Dealers replaced faulty airbag assemblies as necessary.

2005-2009 Tacoma: Due to the vibration in the steering wheel, this may damage the spiral casing assembly (clockspring), which powers the driver’s airbag module. If there is damage to the component, then the air bag light may illuminate, and the air bag may become deactivated. In the event of a crash, the air bag may not deploy, resulting in possible further injury to the driver. Dealers will replace the spiral casing assembly free of charge.

2005-2010 Tacoma: Due to the manner in which the friction lever interacts with the sliding surface of the accelerator pedal inside the pedal sensor assembly, the accelerator pedal may become hard to depress, slow to return to idle, or, in the worst case, mechanically stuck in a partially depressed position, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will install a reinforcement bar in the accelerator pedal, which will allow the pedal to operate smoothly.

2005-2010 Tacoma: Tires that were installed from the manufacturer without the requisite load carrying capacity modification labels. Customers with the affected tires can have the dealer install the label free of charge.

2006 Tacoma: Faulty tire mounting could result in tire failure and loss of vehicle control. Dealers replaced damaged tires as necessary.

2007 Tacoma: A section of the rear propeller shaft may have been improperly cast. The front side of the rear propeller shaft could separate at the joint and come into contact with the road surface which could result in a loss of vehicle control. Dealers will replace the rear propeller shaft with a new one.

2008-2011 Tacoma: When factory-installed wheels and tires were replaced with Toyota authorized accessory wheels and LT tires prior to first sale, the tire pressure monitoring systems were not re-calibrated correctly and therefore do not start illuminating the low tire pressure warning telltale at the required minimum activation pressure, increasing the risk of a crash. The dealer will replace or re-calibrate the tire pressure monitoring system on affected vehicles and install an updated tire and loading information label at no charge.

2010 Tacoma: The propeller shaft may develop cracks during the manufacturing process. Over time, the cracks may eventually lead to the separation of the propeller shaft. This may result in a loss of vehicle control increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect and replace the front propeller shaft on affected vehicles free of charge.


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