Digital Marketing and Freelance Writing


Before I started working as an Adobe AEM Consultant, I spent many years as a Digital Marketer. I learned how to build websites utilising WordPress, which I still use to this day (all of my sites are on WP). In addition, I have experience with Drupal (Examiner, Nike), Xenforo, and vBulletin (the latter two are forum CMSs). In creating and running my own sites, I also taught myself the fundamentals of digital marketing, such as copywriting, SEO, PPC, social media, analytics, etc. This wealth of knowledge and experience has been able to allow me to be able to assist companies above and beyond the AEM implementations.


I’ve also done quite a bit of freelance writing, mostly in the automotive space:

Examiner: I was a freelance automotive journalist for this site, mainly covering auto news and recalls. The vast majority of my writing was published there ( was acquired by AXS in 2014, and has since been converted to You can find the archived articles here.

TDWU: I managed this site from 2010-2013, from writing newsworthy articles, to implementing and rotating banner ads to drive ad revenue, as well as promote both the articles and the site via social media (Facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.).

CarFanatics Blog an automotive news and review site that I wrote for, in addition to writing for the Examiner.

ContentlyIf the link is down for whatever reason, you can find my CF Blog articles here.

Motor Trend: I was a Forum Moderator (as known as a Community Manager) for this automotive magazine’s forum from 2008 – 2013.