Dodge possibly recalling Vipers for suspension issue

2006 Dodge Viper SRT10

Long before Sergio Marchionne rechristened it the SRT, it was known throughout the automotive world as the Dodge Viper, the snake on four wheels that is a beast to handle. While it takes a higher level of skill to tame one of these, having a possible suspension issue could make bad matters worse.

As of this writing, the official safety investigation conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still ongoing. In all, this potential recall could affect 2,500 Vipers that were built between 2005-2006. Generally speaking, whenever there’s a safety investigation, a vehicle recall is announced shortly thereafter.

The potential safety issue has to do with the rear suspension connector. It could break off while the vehicle is in motion, not only putting the driver at greater risk of losing control of the vehicle, but also being involved in an accident. NHTSA did not specify if the break could occur while the vehicle is being driven in a straight line, or going around a corner.

This investigation was prompted in part by a formal complaint filed by an Arkansas doctor back in December. He reported to have lost traction on the left (driver’s) side, and subsequently going into a slide. Ultimately, the vehicle went airborne and up an embankment, before ending up in a wooded area. It was not disclosed how fast the driver was going, or if he was driving in inclement weather.

The doctor was reported to have worn his seatbelt, and he stated that he had lower back injuries as a result of the crash. Upon further inspection, a technician determined that the steering knuckle had separated from the right rear wheel.

If you are concerned that this may happen to you, and would not like to wait before there’s an official vehicle recall, you can contact your local Dodge (SRT) dealership, and provide them with your VIN. Stay tuned for any breaking updates here at Examiner!


Source: NY Daily News

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