Employee-Only Slumber Party at the Apple Store!

Apple Store at Night

(I originally wrote this article while working for Think Fixed a couple of years ago…I know it’s outdated, but it’s a glimpse into when I used to cover Mac news. I don’t know how those guys keep up with it…)

Totally awesome, but this isn’t a moral booster…oh no, this is to prep the employees (or slaves, depending on whether or not you’ve worked for them before) for the upcoming Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and the all-new MacBook Airs, with (rumoured) faster storage, Sandy Bridge CPU, Facetime HD cam and Thunderbolt ports coming out of the side.

Speaking of which, if you pick this up, you may want to pick up a Thunderbolt cable as well!

Also rumoured to drop is the all-new “White” Macbook (with a Black option), Mac mini (fingers crossed), and a Pro (which would make sense, seeing as they’re launching the Lion server at a discounted price)…these rumours are based on the current shortages of the existing product, due to a slowdown in production. This is often a telltale sign from the good folks in Cupertino that new products are coming!

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