In The Entry Level Market, Price Sells…Except For The Toyota Yaris

This was a recent photo released by Nissan USA, courtesy of CarFanatics Forum. Feel free to check them out, as he was a fellow MT Forum poster.

Anyways, as the chart states below, it has been the same as it always has been…price is the driving factor in the number of sales for the entry level segment in the automotive industry (insiders and enthusiasts will refer to this as the “C-Segment”). Of course, the Nissan Versa and the now-defunct Chevy Aveo have swapped the title of Best Selling Car year after year, but this year…the Nissan Versa is running away with the crown. In second place is the all-new Chevy Sonic, which takes Chevrolet’s current C-Segment car in another direction (re: upwards). To supplement the eventual void that it will leave, the General (General Motors is Chevrolet’s parent company) will introduce the Spark later this year.

The main reason why I decided to write this article is to not talk about what gets sales at the bottom of the automotive totem, but to illustrate yet another fact…more and more Americans are refusing to buy into the perceived “legendary quality” of Toyota. Case in point, we have here Toyota’s own entry level car, the Yaris. Look where it currently resides on this chart…fourth from the bottom. The Toyota Yaris and the Scion XD, despite having a much larger dealer network and advertising budget than both Mazda and Mitsubishi combined, currently take the fourth and second from the bottom. The Fiat 500 and the Honda Fit, two vehicles that don’t come with incentives, are easily beating the Toyo twins without breaking a sweat…and did I mention that the Fiat dealer network is even smaller than the Mitsubishi’s, and they haven’t been in the States since Reagan was in office?

The fact that Mitsubishi has sold 333 i’s since January is amazing in itself. Kudos to them.


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