My Favourite Cars

Now, most everyone that knows me well understands that I’m a big car guy, bordering on obsession…after all, it was my first love. And while those same people (and many others) know that I’m not particularly fond of Toyota, I do, in fact, have a lot of favourite cars.

So with that in mind, here’s a list of my favourite cars:

1) Jaguar XK – this is my current “dream car”. I first fell in love with it whenever I saw the 2006 XK debut to the world. It was the car that ultimately took me away from the Mercedes SL.

2) Volkswagen GTI – The lone German on the list, topping the Cayman, 911, Cayenne, New Beetle, and Tiguan on this list (also favourites of mine). The GTI is the ideal daily driver for me: excellent driving position, plenty of practicality to satisfy the, well…practical side of me (that usually wins out in my car purchasing decisions), and enough fun to stay on the good side of the law.

3) Mazda Miata – my favourite sports car, and pretty much the go-to car of choice for many of my car friends. Luckily, I can fit in the NC version quite well, although I did get stuck in the NA once at a car dealership. It was quite hilarious.


4) Chevrolet Aveo – every car person likes a car that doesn’t make any sense to anyone, and sometimes…not even to themselves. This is that car for me. I couldn’t tell you why I love it so much, but I do.


5) Ford Ranger – I wish that Ford had not stopped producing these workhorses, as I had planned (for many years) to someday pass down my own Ford Ranger to one of my children. I know that, even if I were to pick a 2010 version (they stopped producing them the following year) up 10 years from now, it would still be working like a champ. Maybe one day Ford will figure out that a modern version will sell like hotcakes.

Are you listening Ford?


6) Ferrari 456 GT – other than the XK, this is, to me, what the quintessential grand touring coupĂ© should be. Seating for four, handsome good looks, loads of effortless power. Unlike the XK though, this could be had in a manual transmission. Me personally, I would pick one with an automatic transmission, as I feel that rowing through the gears while voyaging on a cross-continent journey (in Europe) would be deemed “unnecessary”.

7) Subaru Forester – this is my favourite non-car/truck. The first generation (could you call the 2005-2008 the second generation?) started out as a wagon, and morphed into the proper SUV that you will see at your local Subaru dealership. I’m a big fan of conservatively styled vehicles, as evidenced of my love of the first-generation Toyota Highlander.

8) Land Rover Range Rover – the ultimate SUV. Far more civilised than the Mercedes Gelandewagen (although I do love that as well), it has a stately appearance and air about it that instantly commands respect. Plus, it has that off-road pedigree that is nearly unmatched.

9) Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud – I couldn’t have a favourite cars list without a proper Roller on here. I thought about listing  the Corniche and the Phantom as well, but there’s something special about the Silver Cloud to me. Plus the fact that I can get one for the price of a Fiat 500 makes it that much more enticing.

10) Fiat 500 – Speaking of, as my passion for smaller cars grew, once this thing came out…it was all over with. Whenever I had the chance to drive it, I was really blown away with how quiet it was, as well as how well it rode and handled (with the “Sport” mode activated).

There you go, my top ten list of favourite cars…of course, there are many more, but these cars…yeah, they do something for me.

Car people out there understand. Except for maybe the Chevy Aveo…

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