Ford issues three recalls for Focus electric and Escape, avoids another one

Ford Recalls Over 100,000 Escape SUV

Ford has announced two recalls concerning their Focus electric vehicle, as well as the oft-recalled Espace crossover utility vehicle. The Escape has been recalled seven times since the newest generation went on sale back in the spring of 2012.

Approximately 2,456 2012-2014 Focus electric vehicles that were produced from September 15, 2011, through August 23, 2013 will be recalled due to an issue with the powertrain control module software, which may result in the sudden loss of power, causing a “stall-like condition”. If the vehicle were to experience this, it could increase the risk of the vehicle and its occupants being involved in a collision. Ford has stated that the dealership technician will reprogram the power control module at no charge to the affected owners.
For both Escape recalls, over 161,000 2013 crossovers that were produced for the 2013 model year, and were equipped with the 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine, will be affected. In the larger of the two recalls, it has been determined that the cylinder heads could overheat and crack, which could lead to an oil leak. Although Ford is reporting that due to the oil leaks, there have been 13 fires, there were no collisions or injuries included in those reports. After the Dearborn, Michigan automaker began receiving complaints about engine fires back in late August they began their own investigation, in which they were able to replicate the issue.
In the smaller recall, approximately 12,000 vehicles may have had their fuel lines installed incorrectly by the dealership technicians in a previous recall. Over time, the fuel lines may wear thin and leak fuel, thus increasing the risk of a fire. Ford has stated that the affected vehicles will be inspected and have their fuel lines replaced and properly installed, also at no charge to the owners.
Lastly, to follow up on a recall back in August, the NHTSA has closed their investigation after Ford stated that they will repair the vehicles outside of the recall. The Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and the Lincoln Town Car were recalled due to the loss of steering that some owners had reported. It was later determined that rust, due to prolonged exposure from a combination of water and salt, could have affected the steering column, which could have lead to the inability to properly steer the vehicle.

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