Ford recalls vehicles for defective door chime

2013 Ford C-Max

Ford has announced a recall today for nearly 23,800 vehicles for a non-functioning door chime, an alert that the vehicle is required to make, per federal regulated. The 2012-2013 Focus EV and C-Max hybrid and plug-in vehicles, manufactured at the assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan, will be affected. Approximately 22,900 vehicles were sold in the United States, and the other 900 or so were sold in Canada.

The door chime is designed to prevent drivers, especially with vehicles that are equipped with push-button start, to not leave their key fobs in the vehicles. The convenience of the keyless start is that the driver can leave the key fob nearly anywhere in the vehicle. Without the reminder, the risk of leaving the key in the vehicle, as well as it being stolen (if visible to any passersby), is greatly increased, as most thefts occur with either the vehicle being unlocked, or the keys being left inside.

The latest Ford recall will have authorized technicians modify the software, so that the door chime will be audible if the door is open, while the push-button start is engaged. Although the recall is expected to commence shortly, registered owners in both countries can contact their local Ford dealerships for more information, or to schedule a service appointment.


Source: The Detroit News

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