Fun Food Fridays: No More Boring Tuna and Rice!

Burger and Fries

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the very first workout blog that you’ve read…although if it is, congrats!

But, if you’re like me and have read a few workout articles, a lot of them will cover food and nutrition. They should, since nutrition is the majority of your reaching your workout goals!

Although most of the articles that you’ll read are great, ever noticed that:

1) They focus on protein

2) They don’t include vegetables

3) You’re only eating one thing, and a lot of it!


Not to mention that there’s no freaking desserts! How are we suppose to function without desserts!

Now, I’m not saying that you should eat desserts with every single meal, or every single day. Everything in moderation should be your eating mantra! Yes, that does include “cheat days” (mine is on Saturday, but even I will show some constraint in my portion sizes), but I can not stress the importance of eating a balanced meal…one that includes fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Tuna and rice is a fine meal in itself, but let’s face it…eating that every single day would get really boring! I mean, who wouldn’t get burnt out eating grilled chicken breasts for lunch and dinner every single day? I know I would…I stopped eating macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes for years because I would eat it on a daily basis.

So, if you shouldn’t eat tuna and rice, grilled chicken breasts, and egg whites like you’re taking prescription medication, then what’s out there that’s healthy and good for you? Turns out…there’s plenty! Most of what I personally eat is good and good for you. Rather ironically, I grew up in the fast food industry, although I rarely ate it. Speaking of fast food, not all of it is bad for you, although it should be eaten sparingly. From time to time, you’ll see some of your favourites pop up on a Fun Food Friday.

But what you’ll find here for the most part is nutritious meals that taste great, and are simple to make! Most will take about thirty minutes to an hour to make, depending on the size of the meal. Before you sit there and say “but, I don’t have time to make a meal”, ask yourself this question…

“How much is my health worth”?

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