GE Fleet Services begins reporting vehicle recalls for their clients

In a long overdue announcement, GE Fleet Services will begin working with vehicle reporting authority Carfax in notifying fleet managers of vehicle recalls for those that have not been addressed and resolved.

Due to the ever-expanding number of recalls of vehicles from major automakers, in addition to some increasing their fleet sales, this has become a critical step in making sure that all of the fleet vehicles are operating safely. Major rental car companies such as Enterprise have come under fire in the past few years for not addressing the vehicle recalls, thus allowing their vehicles to be rented out by their customers. Although the recalls are voluntary on the consumer end, it does put consumers and employees at risk of whatever deficiency/flaw the vehicle may have.

Under the new agreement, GE will have complete access of Carfax’s massive database of over 30 major OEM brands, including the latest vehicle recalls that will need to be repaired in a timely manner. After the information has been scanned and processed, it will be available via a customized web report that will be available to fleet managers to expedite the repairs.

Hopefully this will set a new precedent in companies utilizing a similar agreement and software to be able to manager their fleets more efficiently. In the meantime, of course, they could just tune in to here for the latest vehicle recalls as well…


Source: CC Digital

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