GM recalls new Silverado and Sierra pickups for passenger airbag issue

2014 Chevrolet Silverado

Fresh off of its introduction, GM is recalling the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and its corporate twin, the GMC Sierra for an issue with the passenger airbag. In all, only 843 vehicles have been affected. This represents a fraction of the over 40,000 trucks that have already been delivered to their respective dealerships.

The success of the introduction and subsequent sales for the pickups is essential for GM, in their ongoing sales battle with the segment leader Ford F-Series, this being the most important one since the General emerged from bankruptcy back in 2009. The old GM was renamed “Motors Liquidation Company“, and the new GM, which was initially named “NGMCO Inc”, was later changed to “General Motors Company, Inc.“, formally.

Additionally, the trucks also are the most profitable to the General, commanding upwards of $12,000 per unit, and represent approximately 60 percent of their total global earnings.

The GM recall issue concerns the aforementioned passenger airbag, in that in the event of an accident, it may not inflate and deploy with the proper force. The automaker has not reported any injuries as a result of the defect.

The latest GM recall will have any registered owners (they did not state how many have been sold) taking their vehicles back to the dealership for inspection and repair/replacement, if necessary. This will be done at no charge. For more information, or to schedule a service appointment, owners can contact their local Chevrolet and GMC dealerships, respectively.


Source: Reuters

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