Guangpi Mitsubishi Announces Aggressive Plans for Expansion in China

2012 Mitsubishi ASX

Despite Mitsubishi essentially hitting the reset button on their lineup here in the States, they have some very ambitious plans for the world’s largest auto market. That’s right, according the the Guangpi Mitsubishi (their JV partner in China) Board Chairman and General Manager Chen Dazhu, they want to aggressively attack the market and become a major player there for years to come.

Here are the highlights:

The desire to be the top producing SUV maker in China: In addition to the popular ASX (also known as the Outlander Sport here in the States), they also want to start producing the larger Pajero Sport. Eagle-eyed readers may recognise this as the old Montero Sport, albeit in sleeker duds.

Mitsubishi Pajero SportDealer network expansion: Despite the tensions with Japan and China, not to mention the recent vandalising, they want to expand their dealer network to 130 outlets…in 2013.

Not much going on, but for a small automaker (granted, backed by a major corporation), this is huge news. Look for Mitsubishi to start right away!

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