Honda Odyssey recalled for braking issue

2007 Honda Odyssey

Honda has announced a recall for their popular Odyssey minivan, in conjunction with a brake defect. In all, 344,000 vehicles produced for the 2007-2008 model years will be affected.

The issue is that the vehicle can suddenly come to a complete stop, due to the hydraulic pressure that can build up in the braking system, after the engine has restarted. This is due to both a software, as well as a parts issue. In any event, the building could suddenly release while the vehicle is in motion, which could cause the vehicle to brake suddenly, and without warning. Although the vehicle could suddenly stop, the brake lights would not activate in this instance, since the brake pedal would not be depressed. Honda has not reported any accidents or injuries, due to the defect.

The latest Honda recall will have their owners bring their minivans back to the dealership for inspection and replacement of the yaw sensor, although the part will not be available until the early part of next year. Once that part is available, Honda will issue another notification, advising that owners contact their local dealerships to schedule a service appointment. The Japanese automaker has also released online instructions how to prevent the issue from occurring.


Source: The Seattle Times

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