Honda recalls Acura MDX and RLX for loose bolts

2014 Acura MDX Type SH-AWD

Over the past weekend, Honda has issued two recalls for their premium Acura RLX full size sedan, as well as their best-selling MDX crossover, for the same issue: loose bolts. In all, 7,751  RLXs, and 19,197 of the MDX crossover, will be affect by the latest Honda recall.

To clarify, although the recall is for loose bolts in both vehicles, they are not attached to the same part. In the case of the 2014 RLX, one or more bolts that are attached to various components in the rear suspension (eight in total) could become loose over time and fall out. This could allow a part of the rear suspension to become displaced from the proper alignment, thus increasing the risk of the driver losing control.

With the 2014 MDX, the propeller shaft, with four bolts that attach it to a universal joint, may have not been tightened according to manufacturer specifications. Like the RLX recall, the bolts may work themselves loose over time and fall out, which would allow the shaft to detach from the joint. This could cause damage to the vehicle, as well as increase the risk of an accident.

In both investigations, Honda stated that they did not receive any reports of any accidents or injuries that occurred as a result of the defect.

The latest Honda recalls will have technicians properly tighten the bolts to their respective parts on both vehicles, all at no charge to the owners. For more information, or to schedule a service appointment, one can contact their local Acura dealer. In the case of the MDX recall, the company will begin to notify owners immediately, and with the RLX recall, it is expected that their owners will begin to receive notifications by early January.


Source: Reuters

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