Honda recalls additional Fits and Accords for various issues

2012 Honda Fit Base

To follow up a Honda recall from April, the Japanese automaker has included an additional 48,138 Fit subcompacts for issues with the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system. The initial recall only included a limited number of Fit Sports that would allow the yaw rates to exceed that of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) requirements. The issue was discovered during FMVSS testing. Honda has stated that there have been no reports of any accidents or injuries as a result of this system defect.

In all, 91,920 Fits are included in the expanded recall.

Additionally, Honda is recalling 1,659 Accords from the 2013 model year. They did not specify whether they were sedans, coupes, or a combination of the two, or what engine/trim levels were equipped with the affected vehicles. The issue concerns the connection point of the fuel tank, which may not have been sealed properly. This could increase the risk of a fuel leak, thus increasing the risk of a fire, or an accident. As with the expanded Fit recall, Honda has not reported any accidents or injuries because of this, which was discovered during warranty repairs.

The latest Honda recalls will have both vehicles going back to the dealership for inspection and a software update and fuel tank replacement, respectively. Both items will be done at no charge to the registered owners. Once the recall campaigns have been sent out starting on August 2, 2013, owners are encouraged to contact their local Honda dealer to schedule a service appointment to correct the respective defects.


Source: Sports Car Illustrated

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