Honda recalls Fit Sports to fix software issue

2012 Honda Fit Sport

In the long line of Honda recalls, the latest one concerns the 2012, as well as the 2013 Fit Sport subcompact hatchback.

The problem lies within the stability control software…whenever the Fit Sport is equipped with a specific type of tire (Honda has not said as to what type/manufacturer tire it actually is), the yaw rate exceeds the federal safety standards. The yaw rate is the force that can change the direction of the vehicle, to which the stability control counteracts it in order for the driver to maintain better control of the vehicle at all times.

If the stability control has malfunctioned, it could allow the vehicle to tilt too far forward, before applying the brakes in the event of a possible collision. This could greatly increase the risk of the vehicle being involved in an accident.

Although the problem was discovered during the testing for compliance with federal regulations, they have not reported any accidents or injuries. In any event, if you feel that your Fit Sport is a part of the latest Honda recall, feel free to contact your dealership once you’ve received your recall notice in the mail. The notices should arrive by May, and should have more information detailing the specific vehicles equipped with the tires in question.


Sources: Los Angeles Times and Washington Post

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