Honda recalls Fit subcompact hatchback again for defective window switch

2007 Honda Fit

American Honda has announced another recall on their Fit subcompact hatchback, the first one occurring in January 2010 for a similar issue. More specifically, over 143,000 2007 and 2008 Honda Fits (over 685,000 worldwide) are being recalled for a potentially faulty window switch that could also become a fire hazard.

It has been determined that if rain water or any other type of liquid were to penetrate the inside of the driver’s side door, it could damage the master power window switch (generally located on the driver’s side door). According to a statement issued by Honda, “Over time, exposure to water and other fluids can cause electrical resistance in the switch, which ultimately can cause the switch to overheat and melt, damaging the switch and potentially damaging an associated wire harness. Additionally, if a switch melts, it could produce smoke and, potentially cause a fire.”

Although no accidents or injuries have been reported, Honda is cautioning owners to not park their vehicles in enclosed places, until they’ve had the chance to have an authorized dealership inspect and repair the defect.

In January 2010, the affected vehicles were recalled, and although the dealership repaired the issue, it was determined later on that the dealer repair procedure was not “sufficiently robust to ensure that all switches would be completely sealed against all possible moisture intrusion.”

The latest Honda recall affects all 2007-2008 vehicles, regardless if they were recalled the last time. Registered owners will have to bring their vehicles to the dealership for inspection. Due to a limited amount of available parts, only those that show any type of damage will be replaced. Those vehicles that appear to be in good working condition will be asked to return their vehicles to the dealership, once an adequate supply of parts are available to complete the recall campaign.


Sources: Reuters and The Detroit News

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