iPads for Business – Great Apps to Use

We’re also starting to hear that more and more from businesses that not only want to migrate from PC-to-Mac, but to also integrate iOS into their workday as well, not that they’re able to incorporate their iPhones and iPads into their business lives, albeit in a limited role.

The catalyst for this is twofold: the use of their iMacs/MacBooks (if they’re still utilising Blackberrys and have not made the switch) and two, the use of their iPhones allows them to segue into wanting to use other Apple products to be more productive in business.

Basically, either moving up to the iPad (from the iPhone), or moving down (iMac/Books), companies are wanting the same thing in in their office.

Apple is slowly (as in a slow boat back to China) starting to recognise this growing trend, as well as iOS developers. There are some great iOS apps trickling in…one of my favourites is the Evernote app, which has been receiving accolades from many web news sources. This is a great tool for creating and sharing documents with other employees/executives, especially if you’re a small business. Being able to read and modify documents on the fly will greatly increase productivity and assist with meeting deadlines. The Evernote app is also available for the iPhone as well.

Another growing trend in iOS is using apps for project management. More and more companies are starting to employ project managers to get things done in the most efficient way possible. I personally stumbled into this while working in the healthcare industry, and immediately became a big fan of it. In an upcoming article, I’ve delve into some of the better ones (I currently use basecamp, and although they currently don’t have an app, the mobile site works rather well).

Other apps worth checking out include Adobe Connect Mobile (their version of mobile Web conference app)…having just released version 1.5, the main feature is two-way video. This will allow users to take advantage of the dual cameras on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4). It also utilises a meeting overview feature, allowing you to focus on one particular item.

Tripit, a web organiser that consolidates all of your itineraries, is finally available for the iPad. The main benefit/feature for the iPad version is the ability to display larger maps, which is paramount in trying to plan and get around your ultimate travel destination.

Do you use Oracle? Or more specifically, their Business Intelligence Suite? There’s now support for the iPad, adding to the growing list of vendors that are rolling out BI apps.

iPads for Business is still in its infancy, but it’s growing exponentially on a daily basis. Could iPads ultimately replace laptops? Probably not in the forseeable future, but it’ll definitely make doing business a lot easier.



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