Massive Toyota recall over defective airbags also includes Honda and Nissan

2003 Toyota Camry

The latest Toyota recall is also one of the biggest in history…not only that, but it involves two other major Japanese automakers.

Honda, Nissan, and Toyota are all announcing that collectively, over 3.4 million vehicles will be recalled for defective airbags. The issue stems from the supplier that all three have used to supply their airbags, Takata. It is believed to be the biggest recall for airbags ever. Takata is the second largest supplier of airbags and seatbelts in the world.

The specific issue is that if the vehicle were to be in an accident severe enough to activate the front passenger airbag, it may not inflate properly. This is due to a manufacturing defect in the propellant used in the airbag inflator.This could increase the risk of fire, or the front passenger being injured by the airbag.

Toyota is recalling about 1.73 million vehicles worldwide, including 580,000 in North America. The vehicles being recalled were produced from 2000 to 2004, and include such nameplates as Corolla, Yaris, Tundra, and Camry. Also included in that recall will be 490,000 vehicles in Europe as well.

Conversely, Honda will be recalling about 1.14 million vehicles worldwide, with Nissan recalling about 480,000. The Nissan models affected include the Maxima and the Cube…no word yet as to which specific models will be recalled by Honda.

Toyota also announced that they will replace the defective airbag inflators, a process that normally takes about 2.5 hours. The total cost to replace all of the parts was not disclosed at this time.

Since this is a global recall, the notices being sent out for the latest Toyota recall may take some time. Once you receive your notice, you can contact your local dealership to schedule an appointment to bring in your vehicle.

Drive safely in the meantime…


Source: Reuters


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