Mercedes-Benz’s Super Bowl ad: Will it bring more “soul” into its’ newest car?



Mercedes-Benz is taking another crack at the entry-level market with the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA. Whenever I worked at MB, the C230/320 Sport Coupe was all the rage, at least internally. From my perspective, it was great to see that Americans got to see a Mercedes-Benz in a certain trim level like the rest of the world did…one with cloth seats. Unfortunately, they never really warmed up to that, or the fact that it was a hatchback, and it left our shores after only a few years here.

This time though…they’re coming out with all guns blazing.

In what looks to be a new precedent in the video advertising world, companies are allowing us mere mortals to preview their commercials before they hit the grandest stage of them all…the Super Bowl. Personally, while I’ll be skipping Beyonce trying to oversing the halftime “performance” show, I am really looking forward to the game (I’ve been a Niners fan my whole life, having grown up watching Joe Montana display his brilliance numerous times), as well as the commercials.

As a car guy, I know that the Super Bowl means that we’ll see the best commercials from automakers for this year, and in customary fashion, we’ll see their commercials in one form or fashion for months afterwards. This particular commercial from Mercedes-Benz has enough meat to it, that we’ll be seeing this tradition continued on.

It starts out with a young man sitting across the table from one Willem Dafoe portraying the man downstairs. All this young man has to do is sign on the dotted line, and he can have the CLA and “everything that goes along with it.” Mr. Dafoe then walks us all down the path that he can have, starting with hitting the red carpet with America’s newest sweetheart, Kate Upton…then he can trade dance moves with none other than Usher. All of these puts him on the front cover of Vanity Fair, much to the delight of hundreds of screaming girls that are ready to mob him. Luckily for him, he’s able to break away in the nick of time, only to hit the oval racetrack to race alongside MB’s newest Formula One car (nice subtle plug).

Does the young man sign his soul away? Click on the video to find out…

News Source:  Mercedes-Benz via Youtube

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