New Mac mini Coming: My Personal Wish List, via Mac|Life

This is the only good photo I can take for Mac mini.

(Just like the other article, I wrote this a couple of years ago…I didn’t get everything that I wanted, but such is life. Looking back, I never would have thought that I would up with a Macbook Air, but hey, I’m not complaining…)

MacLife rolled out an article talking about the seven things that they want to see in the next Mac mini…it got me to thinking about what I want in my next Mac mini, should I continue in that direction (still contemplating moving towards a Macbook Air).

Me personally, I rock Mac minis at work and home…the workhorse is the newest generation, while homebase is the older generation (picked it up in July 2008, right when they released the latest generation). Right now, it’ll support the upcoming OS X Lion, but barely…so it may be relegated to being a home server (especially once I get married, and bring my future wifey’s iMac into the iFold).

So, colour me interested in the upcoming rumoured version of the affordable Mac. Before I get into my wishlist, I would like to point out that the mini is probably the best option for people that desire to make that migration from PC-to-Mac…I say this for two reasons.

1) it’s the cheapest way to get a Mac (not counting the iPad/iPhone)

2) You can use your pre-existing PC monitor, keyboard, and mouse (although I would highly recommend getting a numeric keyboard and Magic Trackpad, especially if you suffer from repetitive stress symptoms, i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome, or tendinitis)

So, onward with my wishlist:

1) More USB ports – while I realise that the future is in Thunderbolt, the vast majority of accessories right now are USB compatible, and as it stands, I’m maxed out on slots in the back…a couple of front-facing ones will tie me over, until Thunderbolt becomes more mainstream.

2) Two HDMI ports – my older mini has a single monitor port in the back, and my work mini has two, but it supports two different converters. I would love to have two of the same kind! Dual monitoring is essential at work, at least for me. Of course, you’ll need a converter to make the monitor work.

3) More memory – this is critical, as Lion is going to need some RAM in order to run effectively.

I’m sure that I’ll have more, as we move closer to the launch date!


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