Nissan recalls new NV200 commercial vans

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Nissan is recalling their newly released NV200 commercial vans for a wiring issue. More specifically, 2,529 vehicles that were produced between February 6, 2013, through August 2, 2013, for the 2013 model year, will be affected.

The wiring issue has to do with the wiring harness that connect the fusible link to the battery fuse terminal. Because of the way that it is router, the wiring harness may wear through the protective coating, which may allow the wires to touch the fusible link bracket. If this were to occur, it could short circuit, thus causing the battery terminal fuse to blow. Since the fuel pump is tied into the battery, blowing the fuse will cause it to cease functioning, also causing the engine to stop running inadvertently. This could increase the risk of an accident, although none have been reported to Nissan thus far.

The latest Nissan recall will have dealership technicians inspect and reposition the wiring harness. If necessary, they will replace the protective coating as well, all at no charge to the customer. For more information, or to schedule a service appointment, owners can contact their local Nissan dealership. It is also advisable that fleet managers contact the dealership as well.

Source: Automotive Fleet

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