Nissan recalls several vehicles worldwide for sensor issue

2010 Infiniti M35

Nissan has announced that they will be recalling several vehicles worldwide for a sensor issue. In America, nearly 98,000 of their luxury division Infiniti’s M midsized sedans that were produced for the 2006-2010 will be a part of the recall. Other vehicles include the 2004-2013 Nissan X-Trail sport utility vehicles, as well as the Serena, Lafesta, and Fuga models. The majority of the nearly 909,000 vehicles being recalled are located in Japan and Europe.

The issue concerns the accelerator pedal sensor that could become unstable, which could lead to less-than-unintended acceleration, as well as a stalled engine. Also, in some instances, the vehicle could go into “limp-home” mode. If the vehicle stalls out, it has been reported that the vehicle can be restarted again.  Failure to accelerate the vehicle could increase the risk of the vehicle being involved in an accident.

The latest worldwide Nissan recall will have registered owners take their vehicles back to their respective dealerships. There, authorized technicians will inspect and replace the accelerator pedal assembly, as well as reprogram the engine control module. The recall is expected to begin right away.


Source: The New York Times

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