Most People Don’t Get Social Media

Social Media

Fortunately, I do.

When I say that “most people don’t get social media”, I’m not just talking about those that actually are on social media on a daily basis for personal reasons (although some of them don’t as well), but those that are trying to use it to increase sales for their business, using traditional sales methods.

Wait, that last sentence…yeah, as Mickey Blue Eyes said, “fuhgetaboutit”.

Mickey Blue Eyes

Social media should not be used to increase sales for your business. Not in 2014.

Well, sort of.

Before I explain why, I have to take you back to the beginning…actually, I won’t go that far back. Let’s start at around 2010 or so. By this time, most everyone had migrated from MySpace to Facebook. It seemed like it took most people a long time to migrate, but people hate change, no matter how much MySpace sucked.

Granted, I haven’t even messed with the new one yet, but even JT had the sense to not go up against the 800-pound blue and white gorilla, instead re-branding MySpace into a music social networking site. I hope that it works out for you.

I know what you’re thinking…get to the point already! But before I do, well…I actually have to go back. Like the 90’s…no, I’m not going to make you read it, unless you want to. Click here to get my perspective on the ever-changing world of social media.


So…now that I’ve gotten you caught up on social networking somewhat, what does this have to do with businesses not using it correctly?

Easy. Between companies and my fellow online marketers, they have completely abused the system. Thankfully, Facebook changed it up to where nowadays, companies have all but abandoned driving traffic to their FB Pages, and taken to using twitter (hence the use of #hashtags and #catchyphrases), in hopes that people will tweet about their product.

Good luck.

But back to abusing the system…it all began whenever Facebook starting rolling out Pages. It was great for companies, because they could set one up to interact with both potential and existing customers online. As any good marketer knows, “you go where the people are”…and FB is the place to be.

So, everyone has a FB Page, and it’s off to the races…until companies started abusing it.

How? By driving a massive amount of traffic to their Facebook page. It got to the point to where they weren’t even advertising their own website…”just go to our Facebook page”. Why they did this, I’ll never know. It has never made sense to me because the whole point of the FB Page is to drive traffic to your own site.

How did Facebook respond? By changing their algorithm, so that companies couldn’t keep spamming people as much as they used to.

Shockingly enough, companies backed off en masse from driving traffic externally. There were a few crybabies like Mark Cuban that threatened to leave to go to tumblr and/or MySpace, but most companies stuck around. Of course, then they started abusing the fact that their posts were showing up in other people’s newsfeeds, so FB recently rolled out another algorithm change, effectively reducing the reach that the Organic Search had.

Now companies and marketers (including myself) have to “pay to play”, in order to get their posts seen by the right people (re: paying customers).

You know what? That’s alright by me. I prefer to do it that way, and have been doing so since my days at TimeKeeperForum.


I guess that you could call me a “social media expert”…I don’t think that I am, I just love being a part of it all. As a long-time “online community manager” (corporate speak for “forum moderator/administrator”), I love interacting with people all over the world on a daily basis. Friends, family, and well…new friends make up a big part of my day.

Do you want to know what social networking is all about? Do you need help? Then hit me up in the comments, and we’ll have a conversation. I hope to be able to help you out.


Take care.


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