Stay of Execution: Scion xB Lives For Another Model Year

2012 Scion xB

This past April, there were reports that the now-unloved Scion xB and xD were being sent off to that automotive junkyard in the sky, with no direct replacement for either vehicle. For those that are not familiar with the brand’s lineup, the xD replaced the unloved xA, which was the “entry-level” Scion. The Scion xB morphed from a unexpected hit amongst older people and the tuner scene, to a blob that never recovered in sales, especially once the Kia did what they should have done with the refresh. You may know it as the Soul.

In any event, Scion has released information concerning the 2013 Scion xB. I could bore you to tears about what all is going to be new on it, but I would rather just send you over to these guys to give you the rundown. That is, if you’re interested. It basically boils down to a couple of cosmetic changes and new colours. In short, just enough to get a few more potential customers.

Will the Scion xB and xD live to see another model year beyond 2013? Will Scion do the smart thing and consolidate the model lines into a Kia Soul fighter? Stay tuned…

(Update: according to a recent Motor Trend article, Scion will debut a replacement for the aging xB and xD at the 2013 New York Auto Show…but the Toyota Matrix? It might not be long for this world…)

Also, check out the video below, it’s good for a laugh…

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