How Steve Jobs Impacted My Life

Steve Jobs

I heard about Steve Jobs passing from my buddy Jared, via text message on my iPhone 4. I was initially stunned, but then I quickly realised that he had been struggling with different ailments over the past several years, culminating with the eventual resignation. I figured that he would resign, given his lengthy medical leave.

Once the shock wore off, I began to sit back and reflect on how he has impacted my life. I’m relatively new to the Mac community, having purchased my Mac mini three years ago (July 2008). Since then, I have purchased two iPhones, and have acquired an iPad, as well as a MacBook Air (pre-Thunderbolt port). Traditionally, I’ve always been hesitant to changing technology, but leaving the PC world once and for all has helped me embrace the ever-changing world of technology.

Beyond the game-changing devices, his philosophies about changing corporate culture is something that isn’t often mentioned, but should be admired. Coming from the corporate world, I feel as though it has felt his influence, even if the evolution is slow-going. That mentality has resonated with small businesses that are looking to be “anti-corporate”, much like Mr. Jobs was.

I heard that his other company, Pixar, came out with some decent films as well.

In all, Steve Jobs left an impact on this world, of which could arguably not be matched by another individual. How I communicate with others, work on personal projects, and even my livelihood can all be attributed to one man.
One man that changed the world for the better.

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