Subaru recalls Legacy and Outback vehicles for steering issues

2013 Subaru Outback

Subaru has announced that they will be recalling their 2013 Legacy sedan and Outback station wagon, both of which were manufactured from February 15, 2012, through June 15, 2012. In all, 5,379 vehicles were affected.

The reason for the recall has to do with the inner and outer shafts of the steering column assembly (the inner shaft is mounted in the outer shaft, which allows for axial adjustment in the steering column). In the Legacy and Outback however, the two could become disengaged from each other, which may result in the driver being unable to control the vehicle. This could also increase the likelihood of the vehicle and its occupants being involved in an accident.

No accidents of injuries/fatalities have been reported, as of this writing.

This Subaru recall is the latest one for the Fuji Heavy automaker (Toyota is a major shareholder as well, currently owning nearly 20%), as the Legacy and Outback have already been recalled twice this year, once for possible corroded brake lines, and another time for the vehicles being able to start on their own. This particular recall is expected to begin right away, and affected vehicles will have the steering column shafts inspected, repaired, and if necessary, replaced altogether. If you feel that your vehicle may be involved, please contact your local Subaru dealer.


News Source: Consumer Affairs

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