Subaru WRX Concept



The long-awaited next-generation Subaru WRX has arrived, albeit in concept form to gauge the public’s reaction before they move forward with the final production version. While Subaru did not provide a lot of details, further leading us to speculate even more, what they did provide (and what we see) should be enough…for now.

As far as the exterior goes, it really breaks away from the current design theme, save for the 2014 Forester…which is a good thing. Subarus have always had a quirky design, but lately their products have been more influenced by their leading shareholder, Toyota Motor Corporation. Perhaps as a coincidence, but the WRX Concept bears more than a striking resemblance to the current Jaguar XF saloon. Not a bad car to imitate.

Longer, lower, and wider, this isn’t an Impreza body with boy-ricer add-ons to differentiate it…no, this is an all-new car in every sense of the word. Rumour has it that the WRX (and eventually the STI) will ride on a different platform, as well as use different engines…perhaps a more powerful version of what lies under the ’14 Forester XT’s hood. One interesting feature that may or may not make it to production is the carbon-fibre roof, added to the vehicle to reduce weight, as well as to improve the balance and handling.

Look for a final version of the WRX Concept to bow as the next generation, hopefully keeping as much of the design cues and features as possible, although I doubt that the 20-inch wheels and tyres will make it. Still, here’s to hoping…


News Source: Car Fanatics

Photo Credit:  Newspress


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