Timing is everything: when to post on social media

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Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that people have posted significant events in their lives on various social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, etc). Generally speaking, they’ll post in the morning, but in the past 12 months or so, I’ve noticed that it’s been all over the place…not just in the morning, but mid-afternoon (after our minds have laid down for a nap), and late into the night. I find posting about major events late in the evening/night to be odd, as most everyone has called it quits online.

Nevertheless, that’s fine, if something happens at the spur of the moment, then of course you would want to share it then and there.

But what if you’re sharing content that you’ve worked on for the past few days/weeks/months/years?

That’s a different story altogether.

You see, in the wonderful world of online marketing, timing is everything…it’s the difference between people enthusiastically liking, commenting, and ultimately sharing your content to their people, or it being buried with everything else because someone doesn’t want to scroll that far down (yours truly included).

Rather than make a generic list of the benefits of posting online at just the right time, I’m going to make a list of what the consequences will be.


So with that, here it goes:

Aforementioned people scrolling past your content: not a big deal right? Wrong. Time is valuable, and time is money. They’re bypassing your content for someone else (like mine) that posted it at just the right time. It matters even more if you’re providing a link, because

No one will click on it: If you own your own site (I highly recommend buying your own name and creating at least a portfolio of your work, or what this site is all about), then that’s less eyeballs on your site. Which translates to less readers, less subscribers, and ultimately, less revenue.

Over time, people will stop looking at your content: As I mentioned before, time is valuable. If you’re not posting at just the right time on a consistent basis, then people will naturally ignore everything that you have to say.

So, with that being said…when is the best time to post online?

Here’s the breakdown:

Facebook: between 10-11am Central Standard/Daylight Savings Time (if you’re going to post multiple times a day, 7pm works as well, but with typically lower engagement)

Twitter: 11am and 6 pm CS/DST

LinkedIn: 9am CS/DST

Speaking of posting more than once a day, it’s recommend that you post once a day on Facebook, twice if needed…and posting everyday isn’t necessary. Just enough to remind your readers that you still exist. Quality over quantity here.

You could post several times a day on twitter, but the aforementioned times seem to get the most reaction/click-throughs.

As far as other places like Pinterest, tumblr, etc goes, there’s really not a best posting time, as it’s driven on posting several pieces of of quality content.

Overall, it’s just as important that you get the timing of your posts down as much as you get the quality of your content down right. If not, you’re passing up many opportunities to not only get your content out there, but to promote your company/your own brand.

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