Toyota Recall: 11,000 Scion iQs Being Recalled For Faulty Passenger Sensors

The newest Toyota recall isn’t from the parent company , but rather involving their Scion division’s city car (and Smart Fortwo competitor) iQ, for what appears to be faulty Occupant Classification System (OCS) weight sensor cables.

This works in conjunction with the new(er) generation “smart” airbag system. Basically, the OCS monitors things like airbag deployment, seatbelt pre-tensioners, and the weight of the occupant in the seat (generally speaking, airbags will not deploy if the occupant is under 100 lbs, and/or is under 5’1″). ¬†The Toyota recall is the result of the conclusive findings of the NHTSA investigation, which showed that the cables could be damaged from the seat being moved forwards and backwards by the occupant (they are manually operated).

Toyota stated that they will begin issuing Toyota recall letters to all affected owners in December, with instructions to have them take the vehicle to the dealer for repairs/replacement, all at no charge. To find the dealership closest to you, click here.

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