Toyota Recall: Over 752,000 Corollas, Corolla Matrixes, and Lexus IS Saloons Are Going Back For Bad Airbags

Even though we’re barely into the new year, the latest Toyota recall is already coming out with a bang, and looks to be the biggest one this year! More specifically, they are recalling over 752,000 Toyota Corolla, Corolla Matrix and Lexus IS saloons in the United States, as well as various other vehicles in Japan, Mexico, and Canada that have airbags that could improperly inflate. The vehicles affected were built between December 2001 through May 2004.

Speaking of our neighbours to the north, over 141,000 vehicles are being recalled in Canada as well.

2006 Lexus IS 250

In a separate recall, over 270,000 Lexus IS saloons that were built from 2000 to 2006 are being recalled to check for a loose nut on the front wipers. According to Toyota, if the wipers encounter a heavy load, the loose nut could cause it to fail under pressure. So for instance, if you’re trying to clear the snow from your windshield, you may not be able to activate your wipers. At all. The recall also affect IS owners in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and China.

Back to the Corolla/Matrix recall…more specifically, the airbag control module for the supplemental restraint system (SRS)  in the vehicles may have been manufactured with faulty circuit boards. Since we’re talking about Toyota, that probability is pretty high. If it were to malfunction, it could cause a short, causing a buildup of heat or potentially causing the airbags or seat belt pretensioners to deploy when there hasn’t been a crash. Although this is a fairly common thing, this generally occurs with side airbags. If both airbags were to deploy while the vehicle is in motion, ironically, it could increase the risk of the driver and passengers being involved in a crash. According to Toyota, the air bags could inadvertently inflate whenever the signals damage a chip in the part that controls the air bags. The recall will focus on repairing the part, so that it can block the signals.

Thus far, two crashes have been reported in the United States, but the Japanese automaker has not been able to confirmed as wo whether or not it was due to the faulty airbags. They have confirmed that there have been 18 reports of drivers suffering from abrasion-type injuries as a result of the airbags deploying. Whenever I was involved in an accident last summer, I suffered burns and abrasions on my forearms…the scars are almost faded to the point that you can barely tell that they are there.

As always, look for a letter from Toyota that will advise you to take your vehicle to the dealership. As soon as you receive the letter, contact the dealer so that your issues can get squared away as soon as possible. Will this be the last major Toyota recall? History says otherwise…stay tuned…

Article Source: USA Today



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