Toyota Recall: FJ Cruisers for really bright lights

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Although there have been many Toyota recalls this year, this particular one is a first for the beleaguered Japanese automaker. This time, they’re recalling the FJ Cruiser sport utility vehicle (SUV) for lamp assemblies that have been deemed to be excessively bright. This is the second recall for the SUV this year (in March, over 209,000 FJs were recalled for fault seatbelt retractors that could break off from the rear doors).

The 11,489 2007-2013 FJ Cruisers being recalled were produced from January 25, 2006 through February 23 of this year (the VIN on the vehicle reflects when it was produced).  Moreover, they were equipped with the Auxiliary Driving Lamp Kits, which are mounted to the front bumpers of the vehicle. The 55-watt lights, in conjunction with the headlights, were deemed to be excessive, and “due to this wattage, the combination of the upper beam headlamps plus the auxiliary lamps are too bright and exceed the maximum light output allowed for an upper beam headlamp.” This was concluded, despite extensive testing before the vehicle was sold to the general public.

This may cause temporary blindness in oncoming drivers, as the lights are mounted near the sightline of drivers in most vehicles, and may increase the risk of one or both vehicles being involved in an accident.

The latest Toyota recall will have them issue letters to registered owners, and the dealership will replace the current bulbs with 35-watt lights, thus reducing the overall brightness. Although the recall is set to begin in late May, if you have any questions, or you feel that your vehicle may be involved, you may contact your local Toyota dealership.


Source: Los Angeles Times


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