Toyota recalls hybrids for brake issue

Toyota Issues Prius Recall Over Cooling Pump Issue

Toyota Motor Company announced today that they will be recalling over 242,000 hybrids, including approximately 86,500 that were sold in the United States, for a potential brake defect. The models affected are the Toyota Prius, and the HS 250h from their Lexus luxury division.

More specifically, only the hybrids that were produced for the 2010 model year were affected, with the production dates for the Prius being from March – October 2009, and the HS from June – October 2009. These particular vehicles were equipped with with a brake pressure accumulator,which could over time develop fatigue crack. This is due to the normal amount of vibration that the vehicles will experience over their lifetime…if the accumulator develops a crack, it could increase the risk of the vehicle’s braking system to cease functioning altogether.

Fortunately, there has been no reports of any accidents or injuries, as of this writing.

This is the biggest Toyota recall since they issued one last November, which was to correct a potential defective water pump, as well as a steering issue.

The latest Toyota recall will have the Japanese automaker sending out letters to registered owners, instructing them to take their vehicles back to the dealership for inspection. If the technicians determine that the accumulator needs replacement, then they will perform the service at no charge. Although the recall is scheduled to begin right away, you may always contact your local Toyota dealership to schedule a service appointment.


Source: Automotive News

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