Toyota recalls Yaris subcompact for power steering issue

2012 Toyota Yaris

Toyota Motor Company announced that they will be recalling their Yaris subcompact hatchback and sedan worldwide for a power steering issue. Although most of the vehicles affected were sold in other countries, this will affect approximately 74 vehicles sold in the United States. All of the vehicles in question were produced between August 2010 to August 2011. This marks the first time in recent history where the latest Toyota recall didn’t include American vehicles in record numbers.

The recall in questions concerns a glitch in the power steering system. The defect could short circuit the system, causing the driver to exert additional force, in order to properly steer the vehicle safely. Additionally, the defect could illuminate the warning light, as well as trigger a buzzer to activate. The inability to be able to steer may increase the risk of the driver and its occupants of being involved in a collision.

Thus far, no accidents or injuries have been reported.

The latest Toyota recall will have registered owners worldwide take their vehicles back to the dealerships for inspection and replace to power steering module at no cost. To find out more information about the recall, or to schedule a service appointment, owners may contact their local Toyota dealership.


Source: Detroit Free Press

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