Toyota Takes Marketing To A Whole New Level in Introducing the Toyota Auris

This video introducing the Toyota Auris in Japan is quite epic, to say the least.

Not in the respect that it is good, because the concept itself is pretty basic, and the car only appears at the end of the video (I find that automakers do this sometimes when they feel like the car has enough brand equity to be able to pull something like this off).

Rather, it primarily features the 19 year old androgynous model Strav Strashko, who was born in the Ukraine, and raised in Israel, strutting down a long room to the Auris (which is at the other end), eventually shedding a topcoat that conveniently exposes the backside of it, and eventually stopping in front of the car and turning around to face the camera.

It’s tag line is “Not Authority, But Auris”…whatever that means.

But what’s all the fuss about? Click on the video and find out for yourself…will it make you buy a spankin’ brand new Toyota Auris? No, but from an advertising standpoint, it definitely pushes the envelope of good taste.

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